Somewhere Over The Rain (bow)

Rain on the leaves - the view from my window
Rain on the leaves - the view from my window

“Isn’t the overnight rain great at the moment?”, I’ve heard several people note over the last few days.

I’ve been doing it myself.

In fact, over lunch today I waxed lyrical about the late night rain in Sydney.

“It sounds gentle. It freshens up the air. It defeats the humidity. And when you wake up in the morning, the place feels clean”, I said to my luncheon companion.

But several hours – and a significant afternoon downpour – later I’m a bit “over it” to be honest.

I had lunch today upstairs at the Woollahra Hotel on Queen Street.

Although the service was a bit ropey today – we actually had to ask for our wine twice – the meals were good. Colin had the beef and mushroom pie and I had the chicken.

Queen Street is such a lovely street. Well, of course it is, with all of the money that goes into housing and shopping there.

And the best shop I discovered today was the butcher.

As you walk into the shop you see the butchers behind glass/perspex chopping up the meet.

Further down you see carcases twirling around on hooks, again behind glass/perspex.

“You wouldn’t want to be a vegetarian in here”, I commented.

And on the shelves, they have everything from pate and other deli items to large pieces of very fine wagyu beef.

It was a pleasure to behold.

After lunch I came home, had a nap, did some grocery shopping.

And then late tonight I watched a Swedish film, Jalla Jalla on SBS Two.

At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy it.

The opening scenes concern a couple of blokes who work in gardens, mostly picking up dog shit. Both seem pretty unhappy with their lives. One is in a relationship but is also committed to an arranged marriage. The other faces erection problems, perhaps symblomatic of his own unhappy relationship. At 11.20 on a Saturday night, it wasn’t the kind of film I thought I wanted to watch.

But I stuck with it. And although the plotline remains fairly simplstic, and there are moments of slaptstic comedy, it turned out to be quite a good film.

“A romantic comedy for blokes”, is how I’d best describe it.


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