Day Two

The non-view from Katarinahissen
The non-view from Katarinahissen

My second day back at work was a little tougher.

It didn’t help the weather was pretty shitty this morning.

“How was the weather in Sweden?, a colleague asked me this morning, expecting me to say it was cold and wet. “A lot better than it is here today…”, I told him.

On the second day back you can no longer sail by with the excuse that you’ve “been away for a month”.

You need to make decisions. You need to be making plans.

As I left the office this afternoon I confided to a colleague “It’s hard work returning to the office. I’ve had to THINK all day.” :)

By late afternoon the weather had cleared and I was left carrying my umbrella on the bus along Parramatta Road to Lewisham for my first usual Wednesday night at the pub with mates.

Everyone was in good spirits, and I don’t think I bored them too much with my travel tales. I guess it helped I brought back some gifts from Sweden :)

Graeme and Grant also recounted some tales of their weekend in Canberra, where they attended Graeme’s niece’s wedding.

It was one of the first approved “same sex weddings” (though I don’t think they can actually call it a wedding) in the ACT. In the midst of all the usual family “goings on” it sounded like a lovely occasion with high production values.

I haven’t been to a wedding for four or five years now. In fact, the last I attended has already ended in divorce which is sad. And I’ve never been to a “same sex wedding”. Too many independent singles in my group of family and friends. :)






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  1. mark j Avatar
    mark j

    Hi James. Would that be The Lewisham Hotel? If so perhaps my partner and I could pop by for a drink one wednesday as we live exceptionally close by. Let me know, you can email me direct if you wish.

    1. James O'Brien Avatar

      Mark, that would be cool. I’m there most Wednesdays after 6 or 6.30. James

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