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Holiday Map
Holiday Map

I caught up with a friend tonight. And her new boyfriend. Well, actually I’ve known them both very well for several years. But it’s only recently they’ve become a couple.

I was there the night they “got together”. Well, I wasn’t there while they “got together”. I was there in the lead-up. :)

So it was a lovely evening, as we caught up chatting about my recent travel, and their plans for travel. He’s never been to Europe before. So I’m guessing it’s going to be one of those “we must do everything” trips.

I said they must “do” Berlin. They must “do Paris”, and since he has an interest in wine-making, I made a few suggestions. I also said they must “do Prague”. And of course, they must “do Stockholm”. So many great places.

I have two travel plans in mind at the moment. One is short – a trip home to Lismore and to Brisbane – to see friends and family. The other is bigger.

My friend Kate has been working in Beijing on and off for the last few years. She’s heading off again soon. And I thought it would be great to visit her in about September. Not a big trip. Maybe 7-10 days only. But it’s reasonably clear in my mind that’s something I’d like to do. Flights are reasonably cheap. It’s not so far to travel. And I’ll have a good friend there. I also caught up with Kate today, too.

What a nice day.

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  1. I went to Shanghai in November for 2 weeks and loved it. And then I was in Beijing for a weekend and also had a great time. So you should definitely go!

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