Tonight I got to see Anna Bergendahl’s performance in the Eurovision semi-final that I wrote about yesterday.

The crazy thing from my perspective is there’s half a dozen songs from the Swedish selection process, Melodifestivalen, which are heaps better than songs which have made it through to tomorrow night’s final.

I agree with the assessment of Julie and Sam on SBS tonight that Lithuania and Sweden were robbed.

Good songs miss out, and yet the big four countries can put up any rubbish (and have done for many years) and be guaranteed a place in the final. Ah well, if you have deep pockets and are willing to pay I guess that’s your privilege.

This year’s Norwegian presentation team is very good. Their presentation style lacks some of the showiness of last year in Moscow, but it’s “tight as” and lacks so much of the clunkiness you often associate with the event.

And they seem to have a good sense of humour, too. “Norway has won 3 times, but has also come last 10 times”, Erik, the co-host noted, leading into a series of clips from performers who’ve failed to make the grade.

Although he was described as the Norwegian Josh Thomas on tonight’s broadcast, I thought Erik was very “Niles Crane” from Frasier :)

My favourites tonight were the double-piano song from Romania (very “Captain and Tenille”); the shorts-reveal from Lithuania (loved how they re-assured Julia they were straight) and of course Anna Bergendahl from Sweden.

I also loved the old-style ESC quality of Netherlands.

Along the way, I tweeted, “Is that Wil Anderson doing the interpetive dance for Azerbaijan?”

And in response to @donandcarol who asked who I was supporting with Sweden knocked out, I told her… ” I’m supporting Iceland. Partly because of the song, and partly because they need a break.”

At the end of it all, I switched off and headed back to p3 svea http://sverigesradio.se/sida/default.aspx?programid=1605 for some proper swedish pop.

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  1. I loved Erik the co-host, he was perfect!!!!! Rod and I watched some of the semi-finals (and the final) and were disappointed Lithuania didn’t get in either.

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