Life is as good as Dancing Queen

“You have the best life” was the Twitter reply I received from @swedense

I’d just written a note to say thankyou for all of his/her tweets about the Swedish Royal Wedding, while explaining that I too, was enjoying some Swedish royalty of my own.

I was at an event featuring ABBA fans who had gathered to celebrate the opening of “ABBAWORLD” in Melbourne.

As I mentioned the other day, this weekend is also a bit like a “school reunion” as I recognised about two-thirds of those attending from previous fan events which, for me, go back at least 10-15 years. Others attending have known each other for about thirty years.

Roxy and Trudy
Roxy and Trudy

As with a school reunion there was a little nervousness at first as people looked around the room for familiar faces. “People everywhere, a sense of expectation…” After a few drinks, and as the room filled up, people began to be a little more outgoing, especially when the dance floor started in full.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing. Some people feel nervous, others aren’t good at mixing (and I include myself in that). By and large though, it was a fun night, which I enjoyed immensely. Congratulations to all those who organised it.

The tweet from @swedense also reminded me of that line from from Muriel’s Wedding when Muriel tells Rhonda that when she lived in Porpoise Spit she used to sit in her room all day and listen to ABBA songs, but since moving to Sydney her life had been as good as an ABBA song, it’s as good as “Dancing Queen”.

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