Window Shopping in Hurlstone Park

Hurlstone Park Shop Window
Hurlstone Park Shop Window - you know what you are getting, at least.

The shop windows at Hurlstone Park aren’t as glamorous as the ones we have in Surry Hills, that’s for sure.

In Surry Hills, we have the fashion shops, the cafes, the “Melbourne-style” small bars, and the bakeries where you spend as much time in the queue as they do in parts of the former Soviet Union.

But in Hurlstone Park, there’s no such glamour. Instead, they have toilets.

The difference between the two suburbs became obvious again to me today as we walked back from the Maccas on the corner of New Canterbury Road to the home of The Best Judge.

Along with Grant, I’m helping him de-clutter his life at the moment, ahead of moving houses.

As previously described, it’s a big job. But it’s also a fun job, made all the more fun by being able to sit around with a couple of good mates as we go through a life and make some sense of it. We have plastic crates labelled “personal memorabilia”, “travel stuff”, etc, in which to divide things, and along the way you find the odd gem such as an old school report or a photograph you never new existed. There are lots of laughs to be had.

Every day we break for lunch at the nearby Maccas which is probably a blog entry (or a Phd) in itself. I’ve become a fan of the Angus meal, in case you’ve wondered.

To and from Maccas, we look into the shop windows. In addition to the previously mentioned “toilet shop”, there’s a hair dresser that offers to straighten your hair permanently and there’s a shop which sells a range of religious iconography. Strictly speaking, I think it’s an Orthodox Church shop (with the Greek and Australian flags in the window), though it bears a strong resemblance to the “Catholic Shop” that I grew up with in Lismore.

But, as previously mentioned, as a child I was always told if you couldn’t make it to a Catholic Church, an Orthodox Church was far preferred over a protestant one. I’ve been explaining this to my protestant friends who find the shop very amusing to say the least.

On arriving home I hit the couch pretty solidly. I’m working quite hard at the moment in lots of different ways, and I’m pretty bloody exhausted most nights when I come home.

A good night’s sleep and I’ll be back again tomorrow, and looking forward to a little more window shopping in Hurlstone Park.

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