Jeremy Fernandez on ABC News 24
Jeremy Fernandez on ABC News 24

When I got home from the pub I switched on ABC News 24. The channel had launched a few hours ago when I was farewelling a colleague who was moving to Melbourne.

Were it not for her farewell, I’m sure quite a few of us would have been glued to the television or at the official function to launch the new channel.

From what I’ve seen so far it’s pretty good, although I do think the clock in the bottom right hand corner is a little small. (Or maybe I need to increase the prescription on my glasses?)

It’s been fascinating watch it develop over the last couple of weeks as they’ve done “practice runs” in the studio. As I work near the studio, and pass by several times a day, I’ve often stopped for a quick look. Another colleague, who isn’t in the building as much has had a more hap-hazard experience, only seeing the test runs on occasions. “They come in, they go out. They’re a bit like pandas at the zoo at the moment”, he joked.

The farewell, though, was lovely and very enjoyable. It was held upstairs at The Shakespeare in nearby Surry Hills.

Even though I’ve lived in Surry Hills for fifteen years and have been a regular visitor to the pub, I didn’t know there was an “upstairs”. I thought it might have been accommodation or something. But no, it’s a lovely lounged dining area, and now I know it exists I’ll be going back there more regularly.

And it was a lovely way to spend Thursday. I’ve been REALLY busy lately at work, and it was nice just to relax with colleagues and – mostly – NOT talk about work.

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  1. I watched the launch of ABC News 24 and have dropped in regularly since.

    It is looking pretty good. I think it is very much modelled on the BBC World Service; even the music is similar.

    I agree about the clock and I think the bottom banner could contain a greater variety of messages than is being displayed so far but it is early days and I’m sure the service will improve further.

  2. What clock?

    As you say that it is a female colleague, I gather it was not Jeremy who was moving to Melbourne. What a shame.

  3. It’s a little clock in the bottom right hand corner. Of course it might be my crap old CRT TV, but it’s just too small for me to read it properly.

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