Lip-synching PM

Taylor Square newsagency magazine rack
Taylor Square newsagency magazine rack

I sent a text to my friend Graeme this afternoon to see if he wanted a beer after work. I haven’t seen him in a couple of weeks due to conflicting schedules. He was feeling a bit tired and was heading straight home from work. I still went out for a quick beer on Oxford Street. I also had a bite to eat, and took a look in the Taylor Square Newsagency.

There was a time, not so long ago, when I used to buy lots of magazines. Computer magazines, fashion magazines (seriously), gay magazines. I’d even occasionally buy a gossip magazine, From what I recall, the last magazine I bought was a Swedish gossip magazine nine months ago. I’ve been reading it – slowly – ever since. So I wandered around the newsagency for a while, thinking maybe I’d like to buy a magazine, but there was nothing which appealed.

So with that certain restlessness out of my system I wandered home.

After the wet weather of the last few days it was a lovely evening in Sydney. I’m guessing that’s why I felt restless, by the way. As I looked around the streets, you could see on many people’s faces a desire to get out and about after a few days indoors. I mean, it’s summer, it’s Sydney, and we shouldn’t be stuck indoors.

On my way home I wandered down Bourke Street and observed the cycle-way remains under construction. I noticed a few cyclists – two – passing me who were forced to use the footpath instead.

Bourke Street cycleway under construction
Bourke Street cycleway under construction

And then, when arriving home I watched television for a while. There was the Julia Gillard cabinet meeting on ABC News 24 which I started to watch, but eventually fell asleep during. The highlight (from what I saw) was a Year 12 student singing the national anthem, though the camera focussed on Julia. It was like she was lip-synching. I hope someone’s captured the video as I’d love to see it again.

The next few days will hopefully be a little more interesting. We have a work Christmas Party tomorrow. And then on Saturday or Sunday, I’m hoping a friend will realise he should celebrate his fif fif fif fiftieth and not let it go by. I’m also planning on heading down to Wollongong to meet a relative to discuss family history at some point.


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