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I sent a text to my friend Graeme this afternoon to see if he wanted a beer after work. I haven’t seen him in a couple of weeks due to conflicting schedules. He was feeling a bit tired and was heading straight home from work. I still went out for a quick beer on Oxford Street. I also had a bite to eat and took a look in the Taylor Square Newsagency.

There was a time, not so long ago, when I used to buy lots of magazines. Computer magazines, fashion magazines (seriously), gay magazines. I’d even occasionally buy a gossip magazine, From what I recall, the last magazine I bought was a Swedish gossip magazine nine months ago. I’ve been reading it – slowly – ever since. So I wandered around the newsagency for a while, thinking maybe I’d like to buy a magazine, but there was nothing which appealed.

Taylor Square newsagency magazine rack
Taylor Square newsagency magazine rack

So with that certain restlessness out of my system, I wandered home.

After the wet weather of the last few days, it was a lovely evening in Sydney. I’m guessing that’s why I felt restless, by the way. As I looked around the streets, you could see on many people’s faces a desire to get out and about after a few days indoors. I mean, it’s summer, it’s Sydney, and we shouldn’t be stuck indoors.

On my way home I wandered down Bourke Street and observed the cycle-way remains under construction. I noticed a few cyclists – two – passing me who were forced to use the footpath instead.

Bourke Street cycleway under construction
Bourke Street cycleway under construction

And then, when arriving home I watched television for a while. There was the Julia Gillard cabinet meeting on ABC News 24 which I started to watch but eventually fell asleep during. The highlight (from what I saw) was a Year 12 student singing the national anthem, though the camera focussed on Julia. It was like she was lip-synching. I hope someone’s captured the video as I’d love to see it again.

The next few days will hopefully be a little more interesting. We have a work Christmas Party tomorrow. And then on Saturday or Sunday, I’m hoping a friend will realise he should celebrate his fif fif fif fiftieth and not let it go by. I’m also planning on heading down to Wollongong to meet a relative to discuss family history at some point.

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  1. FYI James, I spoke to our mutual friend who is having a birthday. He isn’t planning on doing anything. Apparently his flat is being painted and he has to go out and check carpet stores so that his new carpet can get installed as soon as the painting is finished. He had to be up at 6am this morning to let the painters and, as you know, he isn’t a morning person. I’m guessing he’s going to have a very low-key sleep-centric weekend.

  2. A friend sent me a Danish gossip mag that I’ve been plowing through slowly, like you. I am SO BORED of the Danish royal family. How do they have enough fodder for a weekly magazine? Silly Scandies ;)

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