I suspect the bloke behind the counter thought I was some kind of drug-crazed freak with the munchies. Why else would you buy chocolate from a servo late on a Tuesday night? Well for me, it’s because the servo is awfully close, and because I didn’t have any sweets in the house.

Generally speaking, I try to avoid sweets in the house. Occasionally I might have some ice-cream in the freezer. But mostly I try to avoid them, as I continue my middle-aged struggle with weight-gain.

But tonight I got a bit of a chocolate craving just before bed, which is never a good thing. In part, I guess it was fueled by a simple salad for dinner. Low fat to the max. And that’s when the chocolate desire kicked in.

At least our servo is open that late these days, as for a long time they were closing early due to security fears. I’m reasonably sure they still close down for a while after midnight, where you can only do transactions via a sliding tray (like in the bank)

Nothing else to report from the day which was surprisingly productive, despite my early morning consideration of a “sickie” :) :)

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