Cockatoo Sunday

Cockatoo on my balcony
Cockatoo on my balcony

It was one of those days where I was almost too exhausted to move. Work had been busy – lots of long hours – and I was probably burning the candle at both ends a little too much. So Sunday afternoon and evening for me has been a time to relax and do not very much at all. I even turned down a regular Sunday night dinner catch-up because I was simply too bloody tired. Still, there were some bright moments to the day as I met someone new and interesting. Oh, and a cockatoo came to visit me on my balcony.

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  1. it means something!!! Please keep us posted on new and interesting person ;)

    p.s you do have a lovely view from your balcony for a city slicker.

    1. City slicker? Yes I guess I am now. Though I didn’t come to Sydney until I was 30, I’ve been living here 16 years now. Time certainly flies.

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