Arlanda Express

Going through my travel pics and found this one which I quite like. About to catch the fast train back to the airport to bring me home to Australia.






4 responses to “Arlanda Express”

  1. Andrew Avatar

    I had to google it as I have an unhealthy interest in fast trains. It can travel at 200 km/h. But does it?

  2. James O'Brien Avatar

    I didn’t check this time, but have noted the speed on previous trips and yes, it does travel at 200km/h.

  3. James O'Brien Avatar

    Hi Andrew, thought you might be interested to know we’re re-running some classic episodes of Tim Fischer’s “Great Train Show” on 774 digital and local radio digital and online generally over the next few weeks on Saturday nights at 9.05pm.

  4. Patrick Avatar

    It’s a delightful way to leave and arrive, especially when you pre-book by credit card.

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