Bawley Point

This weekend I travelled “down the coast” to Bawley Point, for the first time in fourteen years. The last time I was there was when Damien and I had our first “weekend away”, staying overnight at the now-closed Bawley Point Guest House. Back then, Bawley Point was a rather sleepy place and the guest house was about all the accommodation that was on offer.

These days, there are many more accommodation options on offer, and a friend who turned forty recently, decided to book out a number of cottages on a bush retreat on the shores of Willinga Lake. Four of us shared a small cottage which was, literally, metres from the lake. That meant fantastic views, peaceful surrounds, wallabies which came close to the house at daytime, and closer at night, and geese and swans to provide a bit of visual entertainment. A little bit of bush-strolling was had.

The weekend was fantastic, travelling down with some good mates, and getting to meet some fabulous new people. And fascinating to get an insight into our friend’s life that we were unaware of, particularly her early years, growing up in Sweden and spending some time in Perth. A good vibe, all round.

And each way, of course, we stopped in to the Berry do-nut van. OMG, how good are the freshly made do-nuts? You have to wait, but the wait is definitely worth it.

Although the South Coast has definitely increased in population and “development” over the last decade, it still has a bit of a “sleepy” quality, and thus remains a fantastic place to go for a weekend away.

Now back in Sydney, I’m preparing for a busy, busy week, and then a slight change of job for the next five weeks. Before I know it, it will be Christmas (flights home already booked), and before I know it, it’ll be New Year. I’m thinking/planning for another O.S. trip in 2013.

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