2012 Lismore Flood Photos

The Weather Bureau is currently predicting a 7.2 metre flood peak at Lismore (my home town) tomorrow at 3.00pm. With all the heavy rain still forecast, it will probably go higher.

Thought these pics might be useful to know what a 7m flood peak means. They were from January last year. Have also included some flood signs around around Lismore containing info about the last roads out, what different levels mean, and a sign from the record breaking 1974 flood with a family member’s house in the background.

Most of my family lives in the flood-prone areas, so hoping all will be okay.

Issued at 8:31 pm EDT on Sunday 27 January 2013
Flood Warning Number: 1
An average of 140 millimetres of rain has fallen during the past 48 hours to 6pm today [27/01/2013]. However, the rain intensity has increased during the past 6 hours, with 50 millimetres falling during this period.
Further heavy rain is forecast for the next 24 hours.
At this stage it is not possible to predict the flood peak because of uncertainty over how much more rain will fall.
A flood watch remains current for moderate to major flooding for the Richmond and Wilsons River Valley.
Predicted River Heights/Flows:
– Exceed minor flood level (4.2 metres) around 6am Monday morning
– Reach moderate flood level (7.2 metres) around 3 pm Monday afternoon.

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