Foods I Will Miss

Love this gift a friend gave me as I head off for a few months of overseas travel.

Yes, I’ll miss vegemite.

But I’ll also miss the wonderful variety of Asian cuisine we enjoy in Australia. I’ve tried Thai in Sweden. I’ve tried Chinese in Berlin. I’ve tried Vietnamese in Copenhagen. And to be frank, it’s nowhere near as fine as the local varieties I enjoy in Sydney.

As excited as I am about my travel, I’ll miss Sydney, and I’ll miss the food.

3 Replies to “Foods I Will Miss”

  1. Am extremely envious of your Iceland trip. Joan and Vincenzo were there briefly last year and adored it. You’ve probably come across this blog, but in the event you have not, the photos are simply glorious.

    I hope you’ll be blogging loads. Have an excellent trip!

    1. Hej Carol, thanks for the blog link. Yes, will definitely be blogging loads. If I won Lotto tomorrow night my life would consist of travelling and blogging, I can assure you. James x

  2. Couldn’t agree more. The only exception for me is Indian food in London! I thought they’d have some piss-poor, watered-down, Anglicised version, but it’s much hotter and flavoursome than what I usually encounter in Sydney.

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