Radio Art

I wasn’t entirely sure it would survive the flight back, but thankfully it did. A couple of the bits of wire needed straightening, but no major problems, and the radio plays like a treat. It now has pride of place in my office at work.





6 responses to “Radio Art”

  1. loulouloves Avatar

    That’s super cool!

    1. James O'Brien Avatar

      Super cool? You meant jettabra?

  2. SC Avatar

    James –

    This is brilliant … and so wonderfully African. This continent is a joy for many reasons, one of which is its wholehearted appreciation of radio. Come back soon!

    SC in Juba.

    1. James O'Brien Avatar

      Hello SC! Hope you’re well. I had to look up where Juba was, sadly. James

  3. Sue Avatar

    Great gift – fits the conference, fits the continent, fits the receiver :)
    I’ll try and call you tomorrow night

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