Visiting Soweto

“You don’t need to go on a tour of Soweto, I’ll show you around”, Paddy told me as we sat and chatted on Sunday night at the Ratz Bar in Johannesburg. Paddy introduced himself earlier in the night, asking if I would take a photograph of him and his mate David. “Would you please take our photograph and then would you like to join us”, he said to me. Paddy runs a restaurant and David works as a set designer in television.… Read the rest “Visiting Soweto”

Glen Afric Country Lodge

“This is where they filmed ‘Wild At Heart'”, I was told on several times throughout the day. As I don’t watch a lot of television, I occasionally find myself confused by some popular culture references. As I understood it, “Wild At Heart” was a film made in 1990, starring Nicholas Cage, which had nothing to do with South Africa. As it turns out, “Wild At Heart” was also a UK TV series starring Hayley Mills (my frame of reference) about a family who moved from the UK to run an animal sanctuary in South Africa.… Read the rest “Glen Afric Country Lodge”