Australian Of The Year (NSW)

“Where do you think I should sit to get the best photographs?”, I asked Adam Spencer, host of the NSW Final of the Australian Of The Year.

I’ve worked with Adam for almost a decade, and tonight we were both “on duty”. He was the host. I was there in an ABC Radio capacity (ABC Local Radio is an official supporter AOTY), and with a secondary role of tweeting the announcements for 702 ABC Sydney.

His advice about where to sit (close enough to get some instant photographs on my phone) turned out to be good. While they’re not “quality” photographs, they were “of the moment”, and I managed to get them out as quickly as possible.

I really love AOTY. I think it’s a great celebration of Australian life, and in particular, I really like the way it celebrates Indigenous Australians and Australians with a disability (amongst others) in particular. Great stuff.

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