I spent some time this week visiting Governor Macquarie Tower, Sydney. I’ve been there a few times before and every time the view gives me a “wow” moment. I snapped a few photographs of the view this time. Unfortunately, the photographs aren’t that great (camera phone quality, window reflection), but still you can see those who normally work in this building have some damn fine views. It was nice to be a short-term visitor.

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  1. Sounds like some nice potential for some arsty images, intentionally using reflection as part of the finished piece.. maybe some cool self portraits, or are they called seflies now days?

  2. Hehehehe. Maybe I should try a filter to make them appear more artsy instead of just quickly captured during a short tea break? Hipster and selfie – the two most over-used and least understood words of 2014. There was a piece on one of those US comedy shows – John Oliver maybe? – where he demonstrated lots of things described as a selfie weren’t.

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