French Touch Crêperie

For the last couple of months, as I’ve wandered past the newly opened “French Touch Crêperie” on Crown Street, I’ve been thinking to myself “I really should pop in there any try them out”. But until today, circumstance has never allowed me to do that as I’ve ever either been going to work, or to the supermarket, or simply haven’t been hungry.

In some ways I think I’m still grieving for the loss of Wood & Stone, the terrific gourmet pizza restaurant that inhabited the space for about as long as I’ve lived in Sydney. One of my favourite things on the weekend was to go there, order a small pizza and a glass (or two) of wine, and read the newspaper. The main guy running it was such a friendly guy also, and so it was a very pleasant thing to do on the weekend. But then it closed suddenly and was replaced by “Bar Rialto” which I never really got into in the same way.

When that also closed, it seemed like the space might have remained empty for a while, until finally I saw some renovations underway a few months ago, and I had high hopes for something new. When it was revealed it was only selling crepes, I was a little disappointed to be honest. I’ve never been much of a connoisseur of the crepe.

But today, I decided I’d make amends and went there for a late breakfast. Although the crepe I chose wasn’t all that exciting to my tastes (I probably should have had sweet, rather than savoury) the range on offer was pretty impressive. I’ll definitely go back to try some others. The waiters were also very friendly, and the food arrived fast. But the coffee? OMG the coffee was EXCELLENT. Really excellent coffee.

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