Song Of The Year – Tove Lo Habits

Of all the new music I saw/heard in 2014, this was the one that stood out.

Yeah, of course it’s from a Swedish artist, and I love the fact she doesn’t try to hide that in her video clip (unlike a lot of other Swedish artists these days who are doing their best to hide their Swedishness by filming their clips in the US).

I love the song musically, as it has a good melody and lyrics.

But I really love the video clip, as it captures both the elements of “the selfie” and the self-destructiveness of youth culture.

I also really love the vulnerability she shows in the clip. Hopefully honest.

Can’t go home alone again
Need someone to numb the pain

PS… Here’s another song from her with lots of Sthlm scenery.

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One thought on “Song Of The Year – Tove Lo Habits

  1. I must have seen this clip at least 25 times at the gym, though I had no idea what it sounded like because I’m far too hip to be listening to gym music ;) . I had no idea the artist was Swedish, I had assumed the UK!

    Despite the gym associations, I do love the clip too – definitely brings back (fond-ish) memories of my clubbing days.

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