Craft Beer Tour

“This tour combines two of my passions: history and beer”, our tour guide told us, as we began the Craft Beer Tour yesterday. I don’t recall exactly how I discovered the tour through Foodi, though it was possibly doing a search for “history and beer”, as they’re also passions of mine.

The tour covered Sydney pubs such as The Hero Of Waterloo, The Lord Nelson and others, and the beers we consumed ranged from light to dark in style, and from well-established brands like Reschs and James Squires, to those made only on site. The tour also covered some really interesting insights into Sydney history, including a visit to the basement of the historic pub, The Hero Of Waterloo (which was really terrific). The tour was well-paced, with enough room to sit down down and enjoy the experience, without the feeling you were constantly on the move.

By the time the tour ended at the Lowenbrau, we were a little tired of beer, having spent close to four hours wandering around, and so headed to a nearby bar for some wine instead. It was a really enjoyable tour, and good value at $35 (plus beer).

Author: James O'Brien

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