Morgan Evans at Sydney Fringe

Even though I only discovered him about six months ago, I’ve become a bit of a fan of Morgan Evans, a country singer from Newcastle. And when I say country, I really mean contemporary country/rock. I’d doubt there’s any redbacks on the toilet seat in his repertoire.

“I’m going back to Nashville with literally just a backpack and a bunch of CDs”, he told us, in keeping with tonight’s “low-key” show at Erskineville (part of Sydney Fringe). There was just him and two others on the back of a truck, performing in front of probably no more than 100 people.

The show was made up of largely new songs, and though unfamiliar to many people, I noticed one woman in the front row who sang along to virtually every track, even the new ones. In between, he chatted about the “risk” involved in the decision to move to Nashville for a year, including a busted relationship. After Nashville and after last week’s Gympie Muster, thirty minutes on the back of a truck in the inner city of Sydney must have been quite a contrast all round. A terrific show.

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