Brett Whiteley Gallery

One of the great things about living in Surry Hills is the opportunity to pop in, on spec, to the Brett Whiteley Gallery. Today, there was an art class underway.

My main interest, however, was the current exhibition, Tributes. The exhibition is definitely worth checking out. Robert Hughes. Donald Friend. Patti Smith and many others.

The influences on Brett Whiteley’s art and life were many and varied, from writers, poets and musicians to photographers and painters.

In mono-prints, drawings and paintings, Whiteley paid tribute to Francis Bacon, Henri Matisse, Vincent van Gogh, Bob Dylan and Arthur Rimbaud as subject and inspiration.

This exhibition celebrates the art of Whiteley through three key themes: visual art, literature and music.

Meanwhile, outside, there was art actually happening on the street: something from someone on a wall, and there was a bloke sitting in the gutter painting something also.

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