2017 So Far

Though I watched briefly the NYE 9pm fireworks (and listened on the radio to an audio description the ABC did for the first time for people with a visual disability), I missed the NYE midnight fireworks. Slept. But I woke at 5am on NYD. So I guess that means, officially, I am old.

Highllights of 2017 so far? I received some lovely photographs from Karran who spent NYE watching the fireworks at Lismore Showground, and woke to the sunrise at Evan’s Head for NYD.

For the second time, I tried the new Japanese in Surry Hills, but have concluded I won’t go back. The first time I went there I was a little disappointed. It didn’t seem that fresh to me. But then I saw lots of people crowding the restaurant on NYD, so I thought I’d try it again tonight. Again, I was disappointed for the same reason.  I won’t give it a third try. I also ate at my new favourite dumpling restaurant, Bei Jing Dumpling on Crown Street. I will go back there.

I’ve added a couple of Sydney people to my secret Facebook account which operates on the “no family, no work, no Sydney” rules of engagement.

I’ve watched “Monica Z” again (a terrific film) and four episodes of “The Crown” on Netflix.

That’s about it for 2017 so far. Not too much to report. Back to work tomorrow. NY resolution? I’ve blocked out lunch in my diary every day.


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