Jonas Holmberg

Three or four years ago, I discovered the Swedish singer, Jonas Holmberg, and fell totally in love with his voice. I know it’s a cliche, but he has the “voice of an angel”, and he chooses such great tunes which are then beautifully orchestrated. As someone learning Swedish, I also love the fact he has such terrific diction.

A few years back he released a couple of albums of “jazz standards”, as well as “jazz interpretations” of recent classics. I listened to them most nights when I came home from work, and was either relaxing with a glass of wine, or preparing dinner, or simply late at night. Beautiful stuff.

I thought I’d never hear a new album from Jonas Holmberg, until a few months ago when a new single was released, and now there’s a new album as well, which I’ve just bought this afternoon. The perfect accompaniment for Sunday afternoon.

Here’s a couple of the standout tunes for me, so far, and here’s a link  if you would like to discover more of his work. Yes, it’s in Swedish, but even if you don’t speak Swedish, I still think you can just enjoy his beautiful voice, and these beautiful arrangments.

Fingers crossed, he’ll be doing some gigs when I’m in Stockholm in May.

And here’s a couple from his previous albums.



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