Eckerö and more Stockholm Nights

Surprisingly (for the Swedish train system), the train back from Eskilstuna ran a little late. The turnaround between arriving home, and then heading to Ekerö left me with only a few minute to drop my bag off and have a shower. We were headed to the home of a Swedish-German couple I first met four years ago, Roger and Nici. They have a terrific house overlooking the water, including a wonderful small building right on the water. I guess in Australia, you would call it a boat shed, but it’s more like a summer house in some ways.

Over several hours we ate, drank and chatted. We also watched the weather change dramatically. At first fine, and then a few spots of rain, and finally sunny again. The light later in the afternoon in Sweden (and later at night) is like nothing we have in Australia. They have regular functions at the boat shed, and told a story here about how the weather for their Christmas Party was almost identical to that of their Midsummer Party, except it actually snowed at Midsummer, while Christmas remained fine.

Drinking Rainbow Cava

That late night light was evident later in the evening, as I made my way, once again, to the spot near to the Hilton where I took a few more photographs. As you’ll see, there’ a certain magic seeing a blue sky at 11pm.


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