Remember When We Had Mobile Phones?

At the risk of sounding like a total hypocrite, I want to rant about our society’s current, complete obsession with mobile phones. Although, I’m as guilty as probably everyone else, it’s really starting to bug me in a major way.

Earlier tonight I was in a bar in Sydney. All around me, there were people oblivious to the world around them, totally focused on their mobile phones. Though I totally understand the mobile phone is the “modern day cigarette” (what you do when you have nothing else to do), it still annoys me. You go to a bar, you should be out and about chatting to other people, and all you do is slowly drink your beer, with your head down, oblivious to your near neighbour. In fact, you actively ignore them!

It really craps me that even people who are together do it too. You see two people together (maybe on a date) and they’re both interacting with other people (or just websites), instead of each other.

And worst of all, you watch people scroll through other people’s lives so quickly. You see people who should be engaging with the amazing content of their friends (their photographs, the amazing parts of their lives), and yet it’s “scroll, scroll, scroll”, like they’re flicking through TV channels on their remotes.

I’m sure it’s only a short-term thing. Like the rubik’s cube. Yeah, I’m sure it is. We’ll get over it. Sadly, I do it, too, and I’m trying to stop! Join with me.

Mobile Phone