Catching Up

“How long have you been back?”, I was asked the other night by a colleague about my trip to Spain. “Only a week”, I told her, though I had to think about it for a moment, because so much has happened in the last seven days.

Normally, I don’t have much luck getting through customs. Even though I have one of those electronic passports which is supposed to recognise you and allow you through quickly, I’ve never had much luck with it. “You’ve lost quite a bit of weight since your passport photograph was taken” was the excuse offered to me a couple of years ago to explain why it always takes so long. But on this trip, I made it through in record time, even though my passport photograph was somewhat damaged, due to a collision with a water bottle, thanks to the short queue. I was also lucky with the public transport connections. We landed at 8 minutes past 7, and I was literally sitting on my couch at home by 10 minutes past 8.

Oddly enough, only metres from my home, I ran into a colleague, who lives close-by. He was on his way to work, and we exchanged “headlines” about my holiday, and what had been happening at work while I was away.

As we’re going through lots of planning for next year, work has been extremely busy in the last few days. Though I still found time to go out for lunch twice – once with friends, and once with colleagues – which is more than I normally manage. Usually, it’s lunch from the downstairs cafe, consumed in front of my computer. Though I’ve returned to work from this holiday with renewed vigour to go out for lunch as much as possible. The weather’s beautiful in Sydney right now, and I DON’T NEED to work through my lunch-break. I also had dinner with my friend Kate at the awesome BBQ King.

And on Friday night, I attended the annual Andrew Olle Media Lecture. Though I’ve been wearing the same suit and tie for the last fifteen years (probably longer) I went out and bought something new this year. “At least I’ll remember what year it was from”, I told my aforementioned colleague, as you’ll see from the topicality of the bow-tie.

Andrew Olle Media Lecture
Rainbow Tie

Other events from the last week, include attending the launch of Media Diversity Australia, the marriage equality rally last weekend, and then today attending the People with Cameras photo event, centred around Central Park. Catching up with a mate I’ve met through Google+ was also awesome.

People with Cameras

Did I miss anything?

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