Eating Out and Going to The Pub

“Tell us about yourself, tell us your new job title, and what’s your ‘signature dish'”, we were asked today at work in an ice-breaker, ahead of an all-day workshop.

In the midst of the largely female group in which I work, I was one of two blokes who struggled a bit. While my colleague offered “barbecues and fruit salads” as his contribution, the best I could offer was “cucumber based salads”.

When I’ve previously been in a relationship or sharing a house with someone, since I’ve been living alone, I cook and entertain far less often than I used to.

In the last few days I’ve eaten out a few times, as the photographs below will attest, including breakfast at a nearby cafe on the weekend, and lunch with a friend, at a nearby Italian restaurant. Both were terrific experiences.

I’ve also had a couple of unexpected “longish” sessions at my local pub, which have included coming second in the trivia contest (which we thought was pretty terrific, since there were only two of us in the team), and a few hours just hanging out playing pool.

“Oh I wish I could do that. I used to love just hanging out playing pool”, a colleague confided today, when we compared our weekend activities.

Also, here’s a few photographs of Surry Hills I snapped on the weekend.

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