Quiet Easter

There was a moment the other night, Good Friday night, at around 11.00pm, when I stopped for a moment and marvelled at how quiet it was. Though there’s normally a low level traffic rumble where I live, it was almost eerily quiet. Though other people like to leave Sydney for the Easter Weekend, the peace and quiet is one of the reasons why I like to stay around.

With four days off, I’ve enjoyed catching up with mates for beers, going out for meals, and having afternoon naps. Today, I even had a late morning nap.

And this afternoon, I paid a visit to the White Rabbit Gallery, where there’s a few “mega works” this time, including a video work featuring two large screens, projecting a piece called “The Long March – Restart” which I liked very much. I love how even the people viewing the work have taken on a “video game glow” in the photograph I took on my phone.

Long March - Restart by Feng Mengbo

Heading over there, I was also a little overwhelmed at the amount of construction activity underway in Chippendale. Though I work closeby, and am therefore in the area at least five days a week, I hadn’t really noticed it. Everywhere, it seems there’s an apartment block springing up.


On world-scales, Sydney is both a small and large city. Much larger than many European capital cities, but much smaller than some of the mega-cities of Asia, such as Shanghai, Tokyo and Beijing. Within my lifetime, Sydney is likely to become as big as Tokyo is right now, but by that time I’ll more than likely be living back in the country-side.

This is in no way some kind of anti-immigration post, and I’ll delete any comments here that proffer any kind of racist rant, but I quite like Sydney at around the current population, and especially around Easter when it’s nice and quiet.

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  1. It is the same here, with things rather quiet. It takes me back to the old days of Melbourne when we could freely move around our city with ease.

  2. I think Easter is one of my favourite times of the year in Sydney – so peaceful!

    That said, I really adore the big city, but I wish some thought would be given to upgrading infrastructure to accommodate the new developments. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get anywhere. I can’t imagine that if we get as big as Tokyo that we’ll ever be as efficient!

  3. Hey James I’m so glad I came across your page. I love Easter especially when it falls early and doesn’t rain, the weather has been perfect hopefully it not a final farewell to summer. Cheers thanks so much for your website.

  4. Depends a bit on which part of the city you find yourself in. With such glorious weather both Bondi Beach and Circular Quay we’re busy over the long weekend as was the road to and from the Blue Mountains when I took visitors there for a day trip.

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