Plans For The Weekend?

“What are you doing on the weekend?”, a number of people asked me at work yesterday. “Nothing, absolutely nothing”, I told them, adding I might have a sleep in, but not much beyond that. I’ve had a really busy week, both with work and social activity. This was my week,

On Monday night, I attended the NSW finals of Austrailan Of The Year. As always, the stories of those chosen were amazing. 
Some works by Nonggirrnga Marawil at AGNSW
On Wednesday, Kate and Visited the Art Gallery of NSW and were absolutely blow away by some works by Nonggirrnga Marawil at AGNSW
Blak Douglas
Kate and I also attended the Boomalli Members Exhibition, and loved the didjeridoo playing by Adam Hills, aka Blak Douglaa
And then on Thursday night, a colleague and I attended the opening night of the upgraded Sheraton On The Park. They had a multi-million dollar upgrade of the hotel, and there was much to celebrate with food, drinks, and cabaret,
Tim Draxl at The Sheraton
Tim Draxl at The Sheraton
Sheraton Burlesque
Sheraton Burlesque

So by the time the weekend came around, my plan was pretty clear: to sleep in, and relax.

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