November Socials

November 4 : Awesome night at @ausoftheyear for NSW, hosted by @wendy_harmer, here with the team from @abcsydney. Such a lovely pic of three awesome women I work with.
November 6 : In the old days, when a family member or friend underwent surgery in a faraway distance, you could never be sure how things were going. These days, you can get a photograph shortly after surgery. Very reassuring to get a thumbs up!
November 6 : Noticed that The Exchange is under renovation. Hopefully they’ll go 90s style and make you walk through the men’s toilets to get to the dance floor again.
November 8 : Yup!
November 9 : Thirty years today (9/11/89) since the fall of the Berlin Wall. This was me, along with Louise, Amanda and Mrs Kearney six years earlier, in May 1983.
November 9 : There is a garbage bin within a few metres of this location on Crown Street, #SurryHills and yet a bunch of local or visiting #knobs think it’s appropriate to leave their garbage on a piece of public art.
November 9 : Birthday Boy
November 15 : It’s #ausmusic t-shirt day, where you wear a t-shirt from your favourite Australian band. I’ve gone with Combat Wombat, a band comprising DJ Wasabi, son of Kate.…/m…/aus-music-tshirt-day-2019/115680
November 15 : At today’s Elevate Reconciliation Action Plan launch at the ABC a whole bunch of people discovered Loren Ryan from ABC New England (Tamworth) is not only a terrific reporter, but an awesome singer too!!
November 16 : How cute is this? Newcastle, NSW today.
November 22 : Last night Sue and I went to see Nikki Britton at The Comedy Store. Neither of us had heard of her before, but she was fantastic: bloody funny, biting, personal, political, feminist humour. Will keep an eye out for again.
Apparently she’s on TV on a show called “How To Stay Married”.
November 23 : Though I live in the inner city area of Sydney, there’s still plenty of birdlife, as you’ll hear from my balcony this morning.
November 23 : Lovely day down by Circular Quay
November 23 : Santa has arrived early in Sydney
November 24 : In my apartment communal bin room. I thought the point of the new shopping bags was to reuse them. Thicker, more sturdy bins in landfill now.
November 24 : Terrific day at Sydney Opera House, attending Dance Rites.
November 25 :The curse of having a common name/email address.
November 26 : Nanne Grönvall är tillbaka! #melodifestivalen (Benny from ABBA’s daughter-in-law is competing again in the Swedish finals for Eurovision). She was robbed in 2005!
November 27 : In the audience for Gruen.
November 29 : Have just seen a fantastic show called Sam I Am about being gay and deaf at East Sydney Community Arts Centre.
November 29 :Very funny. Gang-nam style meets Drag-queen style.

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