Art in Lismore

Since arriving back in Lismore, I’ve spent a bit of time wandering around, checking out art (both public and in galleries). I’ve previously blogged about some of the art associated with the Tropical Fruits festival; these images are more permanent parts of the city’s awesome collection.

When this piece was first erected it was very controversial. All people could see in the “Noah’s Ark-like” piece of public art was a reminder of the floods which regularly inundate the city. But if you look more closely at “Alternating Current” by Paul D Johnson and Gail Mason, you’ll notice there’s a blue box hidden in the middle of it. The blue box is an electricity substation that remains (Hopefully) above the floodwaters. So it’s both artistic and practical.

Lismore Regional Art Gallery

I really love this piece called “Bloody Ballina” by Digby Moran. Digby is an Aboriginal man who was born and initiatially raised at Ballina, after which he moved to Cabbage Tree Island which was largely an Aboriginal community.
I really love this work by Aris Parabawa called, “Shadow on big heart” which details the many different immigrant experiences.
There’s a terrific exhibtion at the gallery about the residents of South Lismore. As a born and bred “Southie”, it’s of great interest to me. The photographs on display are a cutdown from a larger exhibtion at the gallery a few years ago. In this photograph by Jacklyn Wagner, you’ll see Mrs Bowen (of cake shop fame). Bowen’s Cake Shop was a memorable part of my childhood. Mrs and Mrs Bowen always had a smile. The shop closed down for a number of years, though only a few years ago, one of the daughters re-opened the shop. They were devastated by the 2017 flood, but it’s nice to see they’re fully operational again.

Laneway Art in Lismore

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