22nd Biennale of Sydney

“No problems .. it runs till 9 .. might be the last gathering we go to for a while?” my friend Kate said to me in a text, when I told her I might not make it to Cockatoo Island for last night’s event held there for the Biennale of Sydney.

After a week at work dealt mostly planning and action around COVID-19 (aka Coronovirus), I was feeling a little tired. In the end, when I got home, and was still dealing with some emails, I decided I didn’t have the energy or the headspace.

And besides, I’d already been out to two other events: Wednesday night at Artspace, and Thursday night at the National Art School. These are my favourite works from those events.


This work by Ibrahim Mahama is awesome in many ways, including the smell. “It smells like a freshly oiled Drizabone, or one of the camp stretchers we had as a child.
I really loved this work by Tennant Creek Brio, where they’ve taken discarded poker machines from the local club, and have turned them into works of art.

National Art School

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