May Socials

Conscious that I sometimes share material on other platforms that never makes “the cut” here on my blog, here’s a few tweets, posts, and observations that still seem relevant from May. Lots of ephemera, but hopefully still quite entertaining.

May 1 : Oh my goodness. @kimhonan Wow!!! ButterflyRadio This just landed in my box. Thanks @petercave 🙏🏻. The program guide for 2NR (now ABC North Coast) with the Richmond birdwing butterfly and also featuring @zdaniel (then @ABCRural reporter), James O’Brien and @angelacatterns (now presents Saturday Breakfast here). Astonished face

May 9 : Catching a bus and noticing how grabbing a seat is like how men use urinals: you find the farthest possible distance away, and then when it gets too full, it gets awkward.

May 9 : Sad news about the death of Frank Crook, awesome journalist and broadcaster. From the ABC Radio archives, March 1988, Frank Crook wrote an article about the closure of “The Sun”, which he read on the Andrew Olle Morning Show.
May 9 : You gotta love the Swedes!! Samir & Viktor & TIX with their song about having no money, and sitting home alone, drinking. – Karantän (Lyric Video)

May 10 : Many fond memories of Barons in Sydney, where until the mid 00s, you could drink after a serve of garlic bread. Also, back at The Terminus in Brisbane during the 80s. @kagij Pubs will in effect be treated like restaurants. People can have a drink but only with a meal. Seated dining only, max 20 people (and must adhere for four square metre rule)

How to listen to digital radio without a digital radio – hopefully a useful chat on the radio today
May 11 : Joan Croll, who was one of the “Women of Kelly’s Bush” (the first green ban) spoke on @abcsydney this afternoon about Jack Mundey
May 12 : Alan Jones: The Closet Recordings

May 15 : Loving these live performances from @nannegronvall (and Peter).… Slightly crazy at times. Peter admitted this week, after Eurovision, they supported The Smurfs at a gig.

May 18 : Scrolling through Foxtel On Demand and noticed this program in this category. Light Entertainment. So, is this confirmation I don’t need to take it seriously?
May 19 : One of the awesome things about working from is not having to wear headphones, or worry about disturbing my workmates while editing.
May 22 : A friend from overseas asked a very good question, “So they want you to sit where someone else has just sat?”
May 23 : Love this colourized version of a B&W pic of Gloria O’Brien (second from the right) at a Lismore nightclub in the 1960s. Scowls, cigarettes! What were they drinking? Someone has suggested it was “Porphyry Pearl”. A bit before my time – does that sound right?
May 25 : Looking at some old photographs, and found this. It’s Studio 225 at ABC Radio in Sydney, prob 1995 ish Ouija, the D-cart terminal and the cart Machines are long gone, and there re brand new CD players now, but the localisation box (probably the same one) is still there.

May 26 : Flu Shot : After a few weeks my local pharmacy was stocked up, and ready for “walk ins”. Only downside was having to wait in store for 15 minutes afterwards in case there were side-effects. Bought lots of things I didn’t need. And, getting shirtless with flabby old arms!

May 27 : Feeling ashamed I’ve never visited NZ, even though it’s so close, and even though I previously had a partner originally from there. Some friends have described NZ as a “back-pocket holiday destination”, when you can’t afford somewhere else. The time is now.

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  1. Oh man, I really hear you on those flabby arms!

    I think NZ is in all of our futures (I’ve not been either – and also previously had a partner from there!)

  2. From the programme guide, I remember the first three and the last two. Regional radio was a good training school. New Zealand is not especially cheap now.

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