June Socials

Conscious that I sometimes share material on other platforms that never makes “the cut” here on my blog, here’s a few tweets, posts, and observations that still seem relevant from June. Lots of ephemera, but hopefully still quite entertaining.

June 2 : Made me laugh
June 3 : Have tuned in to Fox in the last couple of days to see what they’re saying. From time to time, the two on the left look uncomfortable with the editorial line. The guy on the right always looks like Trump hasn’t gone far enough.
June 5 : This from Palace Cinemas. Looks perfect to me.

June 6 : I remember when the “NSW Police FORCE” was called the “NSW Police SERVICE”. The name change occured in 2002.

June 6 : I had no idea there was an American remake of Fawlty Towers, with Bea Arthur in the lead role.
June 6 : wesome Saturday night watching @TimDraxl do his #chetbaker show on my TV from @reservoirroom. Tomorrow night, Jonathan Biggins and Phil Scott from Parramatta Riverside. Great way to enjoy shows, but still looking forward to seeing live theatre / music again.

June 10 : I could be wrong but… Why does it seem Big Brother is always made up of divisive CALD figures who get voted out early, while under the radar white boys sail through to the end? I could be wrong. No evidence.

June 11 : Awesome news today: for the first time ever, the ABC has scored an award (Bronze) in the AWEI “that annually assesses workplaces on the progress and impact of their LGBTI inclusion initiatives. Thumbs up to all in #abcpride and the ABC generally. http://pid-awei.com.au/2020-lgbtq-inclusion-awards-results/
June 17 : Super excited. Just bought a ticket to a movie in an actual cinema. So far, only one other person in the cinema, and have chosen a seat well away from them. This looks like a sweet movie.
June 20 : Lovely short doc that’s worth a look….

June 25 : There’s been some commentary about the costs of running the ABC (and SBS’s) transmitters. Here’s the background to the government sell-off in 1998. https://aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Bills_Legislation/bd/bd9899/99bd062

June 25 : One of my favourite things of working from home today. A collegue and I on a video conference both revealed we have a blanket over our knees! “It would look pretty bad at work, but it’s great here”, she said.

June 26 : Tina at Coles Surry Hills confirmed there is a toilet paper rush. Though I felt slightly guilty buying a 12 pack, for the record, this is all I had left
June 27 : End of an era for local newspapers in Lismore.

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  1. I like the graph. I can think of a few additions of who we should distance ourselves from. Nor did I know there was an American version of Fawlty Towers or the movie Bellbird, which I assume has some connection to the old tv show.

    • I’m not sure if there’s a connection to the much loved Bellbird of my childhood, except that it’s based in a small country town. Looking forward to it.

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