July Socials

Conscious that I sometimes share material on other platforms that never makes “the cut” here on my blog, here’s a few tweets, posts, and observations that still seem relevant from July. Lots of ephemera, but hopefully still quite entertaining.

July 2 : I found this in “The Northern Star” (Lismore) from January 1964. Commercial radio station 2LM also carried ABC News!

July 3 : New from Marvel Comics? “Knull Is Coming”. FYI – Knull is a very naughty word in Swedish. https://www.thelocal.se/20200702/swedish-word-of-the-day-knull

July 4 : Attended my first online family funeral yesterday, and LOVED this choice of a song by Margy which played as her coffin was carried out.
July 8 : One of THE BEST things I’ve ever done with my home stereo is hook up a digital TV set-up box to listen to ABC Radio. Quality is awesome. Earlier it was @abcsydney, currently @ABCClassic
July 8 : I spent some time at the State Library today going through old copies of the @smh
(family history), and saw this article from 1993. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
July 9 : OK, it’s confession time for those who’ve been working from home. How many of you work with a blankie over your knees?
July 11 : From the late 1990s at Sydney’s Stonewall. I tried to peal off the tag to see the complete message. I think it says something along the lines of “I might shag someone else tonight, but keep you up my sleeve in case, because you’re boyfriend material.” Twenty years later…
July 11 : Dining room at IKEA.

July 16 : Yesterday a colleague admitted to Weetabix for a late afternoon lunch. Today I ate a bowl of ice cream during a video conference. Working from home!

July 17 : Have spent half the morning waiting for a quiet period at home to record some audio links for my weekly radio show. Jackhammers! Another colleague reports he has a possum in the roof (lives in the country). Anyone else having this problem?

July 17 : Losing track of the number of times I’ve taken a photograph, instead of scanning.

July 18 : Reading a newspaper article about the death of one of my ancestors. “Her spirit passed away from it’s earthly tenement, which from sheer decay of nature, had become incapable of longer retaining it.” Can I please request this for my obit? :)

July 18 : OMG, the K Tel record selector is back at JB
July 21 : A good read about Sydney’s Chinatown. I went to Emperor’s Garden last Friday night, and around 7pm, was the only person there. https://gourmettraveller.com.au/news/food-news/chinatown-sydney-restaurants-coronavirus-18656
July 23 : Watching the Matty Johns podcast show on Foxtel and noticed only one headset is patched into the mixer.

July 26 : Hardly a week goes by without me mentioning @vgeller (tell the truth, make it matter, never be boring) and @Brdcaster (on diversity – the risk of becoming a precious emblem to a dying elite). Thanks both for your inspiring thoughts that live on at ABC Australia.

July 26 : After many years of staying in hotels with cheap, shitty clock radios, this still makes me smile.

July 26 : Many years ago I noticed a subtle language difference between the Irish and the English. At Dublin airport they asked me “how long are you staying with us for?”, and at Heathrow, they asked me “when are you leaving?”. :)

July 26 : Move over selfie-stick, this is how you capture your holiday snaps now. Spotted this family using a drone yesterday at The Three Sisters.

July 29 : #nerdalert My local pub takes your temperature when you enter. Here are some recent entries: 35.4, 35.7, 35.9, 35.7, 35.3, 35.3 Who needs Medicare? :):) To which, a colleague replied: “Were these all taken in one day, or are you spreading out these visits?” Hheheheheeheh

2 responses to “July Socials”

  1. My James. That was a big one. I am not going to listen to Will I ever see your face again, acoustic or not. I know what will happen.
    You had me scared about Dr Swanee for a moment.
    “Her spirit passed away”! Or she just died.
    You have photographic proof of the JB record selector. I hope the whole unit doesn’t fall onto the floor like it used to as the last record fell forward.
    I expect our Chinatown is a disaster, never mind the other Asian restaurants nearby.
    Ms Naidoo is now presenting Nightlife. I won’t know until I hear her with Toby Hagon presenting Motortorque.
    As if the Irish and English are similar! Chalk and cheese.
    Kylie singing Spinning Around must have been magic at the closing ceremony. I wish I could have been there.
    I din’t get to buy you a glass of beer. Next time.

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