January Socials

Conscious that I sometimes share material on other platforms that never makes “the cut” here on my blog, I will start sharing a few bits and pieces here also. These are the tweets, posts, and observations that still seem relevant at the end of each month. Lots of ephemera, but hopefully still quite entertaining.

Though it’s mostly in Swedish, you should be able to follow it along. I sent the video to my Swedish teacher, as I thought she might enjoy it. Heaven knows what she’ll think of “kemsex”.

January 2 : I’m not into victim blaming, but a shopping/bus trip reveals the least likely to be wearing facemasks are older white blokes. Also, the people who generally don’t go to doctors, get their health checked, skin cancer etc. There’s got to be a way to get the message through?

January 4 : Chatting today to an ABC manager who said, “I’ve managed to get through all of summer without a 3am phone call, until today”. The 24×7 lives of “public servants”.

January 4 : Grandpa solution to my glasses fogging up when I wear a facemask. Don’t wear glasses. Let them simply drop down.

January 7 : So… my job title is Manager, Planning for ABC Regional & Local. Today, that means monitoring both US politics and the rain impacting the cricket in Sydney, and making a decision about coverage changes. Emergencies? Nah, someone else worries about them.

January 11 : One of the really lovely things about WFH is that I get to sit in the sunshine on the balcony, and listen to AM properly, not through headphones as I rush to work.

January 14 : I watched much of the impeachment debate and noticed the Republicans struggled more than the Democrats with their masks.

January 17 : Saw “Girls Can’t Surf” at #sff today https://youtu.be/rBjcbZla2cA, produced by my friend Michaela. Documents the transition of women’s surfing from being on the sidelines to the position it occupies today. Cinematic release in March.
January 19 : Spotted in Surry Hills this morning.
January 20 : Just did a DAB+ radio retune in Sydney and I picked up 72 services!! (including this one, which might need an update)
January 21 : Where do you think Trump sits on the Kubler-Ross stages of grief matrix?

January 21 : The one thing that annoys me most about all of these US things (esp watching TV coverage) is the idea of American exceptionalism. That “America is the greatest democracy in the world”. That “this could only happen in America” etc. It’s time to get an atlas.

January 23 : Starting to spot the reemergence of the centre part. Have seen three today in Surry Hills. Inextricably linked for me with Jim Bob Walton (my first crush after Jamie Redfern)
January 23 : Love this bit of public art which has popped up near the crossing on Crown Street (between Devonshire and Cleveland Streets), also not far from the Villages Voices laneway.

January 26 : Born on Widgibal/Bundjalung, live on Gadigal/Eora. Starting today on Ngunnawal, and ending the day on Wiradjuri country.

January 26 : I think the vending machine at Cootamundra railway station could do with restocking.

January 30 : How many times have leaders been replaced a few months before an election, before becoming prime minister? It’s worth a bit of research.

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