The elevator has been a problem for almost as long as I’ve lived in this apartment block. Mostly, the problems have occurred when it rains. We’ve had general a problem with water in our block (lots of bathrooms were rebuilt), and water problems have often happened in the lift shaft, too.

And then a few years ago, the lift seemed to go “out of order” even when it WASN’T raining.

It’s not so bad for me, as I only have a few steps to climb, but I feel especially sorry for those who live up higher.

But over the last few months, there’s been a growing level of excitement, with plans to replace the ageing eleavtor. I’d hoped it would have happened while I was away in Lismore. But that was not to be.

Today, it happened. I took my first trip in the new lift, and what a joy it was.

The other lift I’m quite excited about sharing with you is the lift at Circular Quay that takes you from the ground floor to the Cahill Expressway.

Most people who walk around Circular Quay don’t bother to look up. They’re too busy looking at the views on the ground floor. But if they looked up a bit further, they would see some more spectacular views were only a lift ride away.

How good is the view?

Lifts have interested me for a number of years. One of my “quirks” is checking on the assumed average weights in different parts of the world. I find it interesting to look at the total weight a lift can take, and divide it by the number of people who can be accommodated. It actually varies from country to country.

Our old lift, where the average weight is 68kg.
Stockholm, where the assumed average weight is 80kg.
Rekyjavik, where the assumed average weight is 75kg.

I’m sure it’s much more complicated than simply dividing the weight by the number of people, but interesting, nonetheless?

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  1. Our lifts are are in the process of being replaced. I hope to be as chuffed as you are when the project is complete. It is a very long six month project for a 22 storey building.

    Lacking local knowledge, why would anyone want to catch a lift to Cahill Expressway? It’s a rather horrible infrastructure in my opinion.

    Our lifts say 17 people but I can’t remember the weight. I will check and make a long division calculation. Ha, I can’t even remember which button on the electric calculator to press, let alone long division.

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