Origami Heart

My first attempt at “adult origami” was a bit of a disaster—a classic moment where I didn’t read the instructions properly, relying on my past knowledge to muddle through.

Fifty years after learning in primary school class, I have rediscovered the art / craft thanks to a former colleague, now retired, who visited me at the hospital. Unfortunately, it was half way through the COVID scare that led to my room being isolated, so the “no visitors” policy was already in place.

But she left a thoughtful gift : a wonderful book on origami with the necessary sheets of paper. to actually do it. Instantly, I saw this as an excellent way to pass the time and a potential activity to share with visitors during my stay. Moreover, I believe it could aid in my rehabilitation process by tapping into my own personal creativity, as well as some eye/hand co-ordination skills.

My first piece. Appropriately enough, an origami heart. Very simple, and with help from Youtube.

During the early weeks of my hospitalization, my mind felt like “mush.”

Michelle tells me there was concern about possible brain damage when I was brought into hospital, as I was in the midst of diabetic complications.

Even after coming out of the induced coma, in the wake of the three surgeries, I struggled to think clearly due to the impact of serious pain relief medication. I had difficulty concentrating. Simple emails and messages had to be read multiple times before attempting to respond.

It probably wasn’t until July 19 that I was able to write “properly” again, and even then, it was only a short blog post that took ages to write.

However, mentally and intellectually, I feel like I am gradually returning to my old self.

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  1. A new self is clearly emerging. It’s amazing how something you could think of as damage and loss can be turned into gain. What a terrific friend too.

    1. Thanks Sally. I’ve never been comfortable with the glass-half-empty world view, and when I hear others in that space, I actually get annoyed. For me, life has always been able looking forward, being flexible, and if something works or doesn’t, you just need to adapt.

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