I’m planning to return to work a week earlier than originally scheduled, pending my doctor’s approval during our meeting next week. I’m fully aware that I’m not yet prepared for full-time employment, particularly on days when I experience fatigue following exercise or rehabilitation. However, the idea of easing back into part-time work is quite appealing at the moment.

My eagerness to return ahead of schedule stems from two main reasons. First, there’s a workshop on an audio production project that aligns perfectly with my interests and experience. Second, there’s a symposium focusing on enhancing workplace diversity. I now feel more equipped to participate in this event than I did a few months ago, before my disability.

So, the countdown has officially begun.

Despite a month filled with various appointments since returning home, I didn’t have much on my agenda for today. The only item on my to-do list was to pick up a sink plug from the local hardware store – not the most glamorous task, I must admit.

However, as I strolled past the nearest bus stop, I made a spontaneous decision to hop on the next bus to “somewhere.” It happened to be the 374 to Coogee. I found a spot for myself, indulged in sashimi for lunch at the Coogee Pavilion, and took a leisurely walk along the beach. I was pleasantly surprised by the bustling activity, especially for a weekday.

It wasn’t so crowded that I couldn’t approach someone for a photo to capture my enjoyment of the sunshine.

While I prepare for my return to work, initially on a part-time basis, with medical appointments and rehabilitation occupying my weekdays, I couldn’t help but wonder if there’s a way to continue enjoying these spontaneous escapes.

Coogee Beach

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3 thoughts on “My Return To Work Plan

  1. Great to read of your imminent return to the ABC and also of your day in the sun. Hope you enjoy more of them.

  2. I was surprised how quiet Bondi Beach was, admittedly on a Tuesday on a cool day. The streets were quite busy though.

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