Margaret Preston

Kate and I went to see the Margaret Preston retrospective at the Art Gallery of NSW this afternoon. Although I know more about Australian art than the average Australian and Kate knows a lot more than I do, we were both surprised by Preston’s later work.… Read the rest

Tuesday Night

It’s Tuesday night and it’s still quite warm, although not as hot as it has been over the last few days. A few things have happened since last I wrote.

On Saturday night I was keen to go and see some live theatre.… Read the rest

Arts Week

It’s Saturday morning in Sydney. Just woken up (it’s 10am) and already it seems like it’s going to be a warm day. I’ll just check the forecast. According to the Bureau of Meterology, It’s going to be 29 in Sydney and 35 in Richmond.… Read the rest

Hawkesbury One in the SMH

Arty Farty

Hello it’s Sunday Night/Monday Morning. I’ve just been writing some notes for the art group of which I am part.

It’s been a really terrific forty-eight hours since my last post.… Read the rest