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  • State of Origin

    State of Origin

    “What size is a ‘7’ for a beer in Queensland?”, I asked people on Twitter this week, adding, “I have been googling and I’m confused. I remember ordering one years ago, but it’s a long time since I lived in the sunshine state”.

    I’d heard a bloke at the nearby bar ask for one, and the memory of having ordered one, or maybe having heard someone order one, came flooding back

    A former colleague who regularly posts about beer responded quickly.… Read the rest “State of Origin”

  • Where’s Destiny?

    Where’s Destiny?

    I noticed there was a bloke with a “Hall & Oates” haircut as I looked around the room at “The Sportsman’s Hotel” in Brisbane last night. Do you remember THAT 80s look? A perm on the top, a mullet at the back, and a matching beard. There were lots of other young people wearing 80s looks and fashion too.… Read the rest “Where’s Destiny?”

  • Four Hours With Liz

    Four Hours With Liz

    “We’re at the Brekky Creek Pub, I feel like we should have a XXXX”, I said when asked what beer we should have. I was sitting with “Liz”, an 82 year old woman from Melbourne who I’d got to know on a mid-morning tourist cruise of the Brisbane River.

    “Oh no”, she said with a smile and a shake of her head.… Read the rest “Four Hours With Liz”

  • Back in Brissie

    Back in Brissie

    When I left the hotel, the weather was fine. As is often the case in Brisbane, the weather turned from sunny conditions to rain. You can see it in my glasses. My plan for the day was to visit Gloria (at the cemetery), visit my former university, and then generally hang out in Brisbane.… Read the rest “Back in Brissie”

  • Back in Brisbane

    Back in Brisbane

    The sunrise over Brisbane on Monday was really beautiful. Even the city’s ugly buildings looked good against the backdrop. I wouldn’t normally have been up and about so early, but I’d woken at 4.00am Brisbane time. Most days I wake at about 5.00am, but because of the change between daylight saving time and regular time I was up, out and about.… Read the rest “Back in Brisbane”

  • It’s Like I Never Left

    It’s Like I Never Left

    Back in Brissie for a few days…

    The first thing I noticed was sitting, waiting for a train at Roma Street, and about half the men were wearing shorts. “Oh yeah”, I thought to myself, “you can wear shorts in Brisbane in the middle of winter”

    That’s the thing about coming back to Brisbane that always surprises me.… Read the rest “It’s Like I Never Left”

  • Back In Brisbane

    Back In Brisbane

    Every time I pay a visit to Brisbane, I invariably ask myself the question “should I return to live here?”

    Having grown up in Lismore, and having family here, Brisbane was a fairly obvious choice for me for university during the 1980s.

    The first three years I spent in Brisbane (1984-1986) were memorable.… Read the rest “Back In Brisbane”

  • Brisbane History with Beers

    Brisbane History with Beers

    Even though I lived here for four years, and even though I have a family connection with Brisbane that goes back to the 1960s, the truth be told: I really don’t know that much about the history of Brisbane, and am even a little vague on contemporary Brisbane. Since I left Brisbane at the beginning of 1988 (27 years years ago!)… Read the rest “Brisbane History with Beers”

  • Changing Brisbane

    Changing Brisbane

    “I don’t remember seeing those sky-scrapers before”, I thought to myself as I walked through the city. On my way to a meeting in another part of Brisbane today, I went for a brief “sight-seeing” excursion which took my briefly this afternoon into the city.

    I began the trip by walking along Coronation Drive, where the impact of the recent flooding is still evident.… Read the rest “Changing Brisbane”