Back in Brissie

When I left the hotel, the weather was fine. As is often the case in Brisbane, the weather turned from sunny conditions to rain. You can see it in my glasses. My plan for the day was to visit Gloria (at the cemetery), visit my former university, and then generally hang out in Brisbane.

Visiting Gloria at Mount Gravatt Cemetery. She says all is fine, and will catch up with us sometime soon. Hopefully not too soon!!

And from there, I walked to my old university, Griffith University.

One of my strongest memories of Griffith University was of the bushland.
But in contrast to my memory of bushland, there’s a lot of new development at the university. Yes, there’s still lots of bushland, but there’s also a lot of development. The landscape of buildings from the early 1980s, compared with now, is more significant. I couldn’t find the former residential colleges where I lived, though I’m told they still exist.
Later in the afternoon I caught up with family members for lunch and conversation, which was terrific. I love this photograph with Sharron, with whom I share a lot of DNA!
The day ended visiting the Sportsman’s Hotel. Amusingly, there was a “Bears Celebration” underway, and I recognised a few people from Sydney.

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