Hobart Friday

Late this afternoon I was faced with a choice: would I go for a swim, or would I go for a beer? The Hobart Aquatic Centre is right across the road from the ABC. Pubs are a little further away. It was a case of convenience vs temptation.

Two seconds later, I’d made my choice. As if I would ever choose to go for a swim in preference to having a beer :) But would I go to “The New Sydney” or would I go to “The Quartermaster’s Arms”, both of which had been recommended by colleagues?… Read the rest “Hobart Friday”

The Glasshouse – Hobart

“I’m sorry, we’re fully booked”, the maitre’d told us as we made our way into Hobart’s “The Glasshouse”. “However, we could offer you some seats at the bar or a couch”, she added. We looked over at the couches near the window. Two longish couches which could have seated six, with a low table in the middle. “Perfect”, we all decided instantly.

Though table dining is a lovely thing, for the gathering we had (work colleagues, sharing plates and wine), it was absolutely perfect. … Read the rest “The Glasshouse – Hobart”