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  • Salamanca Saturday

    Salamanca Saturday

    As we walked around the markets yesterday morning, the name “Cary Lewincamp” caught my eye. Back in the days when I was still a broadcaster (and even now from time to time), I would often play his tune “Salamanca Saturday” (a short instrumental piece) on the radio.… Read the rest

  • Mount Wellington /  kunanyi

    Mount Wellington / kunanyi

    Even though I’ve visited Hobart two or three times previously, I’ve never ever made it to the top of Mount Wellington / kunanyi, the mountain which looms large on the landscape of the city.… Read the rest

  • Discovering Hobart

    Discovering Hobart

    You know how sometimes you go to one of those “large dinners” at a conference venue and there’s lots to complain about? With a choice of beef or chicken, you often find the chicken is under-cooked and the beef over-cooked.… Read the rest

  • Today was a little crazy

    There was one moment of “normality” in today: it was attending the recording of “The Challenge” by Tony Delroy at the ABC in Hobart. A brief moment when there were no surprises :)

    With the split in the independents, and all of today’s press conferences (and my role in getting this material to air across the ABC Local Radio network) it was a crazy day characterised by text messages, emails and phone calls.… Read the rest

  • Monday night in Hobart

    Monday night in Hobart

    What’s not to love about the exit row? First, you get loads of extra leg room. I’m not a particularly large person, and so generally don’t find myself ever cramped on an aircraft, but it’s still nice to have a bit of extra space in front.… Read the rest

  • Tasmanian Food Safari

    A guest post by my friend, Damien, who recently visited Tasmania…

    The Hobart half marathon brought me to Tasmania this month, and it was always my plan to indulge in a food and wine extravaganza in the week afterwards as a reward for the (relative) self-discipline required during training.… Read the rest