A White, White Day

“I’ve been there in Iceland when it was like that”, I whispered in the ear of my friend as we watched the film, “A White, White Day”. “You were there in winter, weren’t you?”,… Read the rest

Photographs of Snow and Ice

In the midst of a warm summer in Sydney, I’ve been watching friends post photographs of snow in Europe. Their photographs have inspired me to go looking for photographs from the past where I’ve experienced snow myself (which I love) taken in Sweden and Iceland.… Read the rest

Extreme Iceland

There was a point half way through the day when I couldn’t stop giggling. Along with the rest of the tour group, I was standing on a beach on the south east coast of Iceland.… Read the rest

Glacial Silence

“It’s so incredibly silent”, a fellow traveller said to me as we stood together, as part of a group of fourteen on a two-day bus tour of Southern Iceland. “Sometimes”, I replied with a smile, a reference to the constant chatter from many in the group.… Read the rest