Swedish Pop

The only sad moment of my trip to Stockholm earlier this year was the discovery Victorias Bar had closed down. I had been there on many occasions, with many fond memories of their schlager nights. It was there, I discovered the band, “Hallå hela pressen”, seen here performing with one of the members of legendary Swedish band, Blond, Gabriel Forss and Andres Esteche who was an entrant in Melodifestivalen.

As I wrote a few years ago…

They’re a covers-band specialising in Swedish pop songs, particularly Swedish Eurovision contenders, from the last twenty or thirty years.

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Musical Favourites for 2013 – The Year of Oskar Linnros

As I’ve sat down to look at the most commonly played tracks for the year, I’m kinda surprised it’s the song “Plåster” by Oskar Linnros. Not that I dislike the song, but I kind of imagined there were other songs I’d played more often the year.

That said, I’m using last.fm as my guide, and while it’s pretty good at picking up the music I’ve scrobbled, it’s not an entirely accurate guide to my listening preferences for the year.… Read the rest “Musical Favourites for 2013 – The Year of Oskar Linnros”

She Forgot

I waited calmly for about twenty minutes before asking where my meal was. I’m a patient man. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the couple sitting nearby who’d arrived ten minutes after I had, who’d ordered the same meal and seeing theirs arriving first.

“She forgot” was the explanation given. Luckily when they arrived they were very, very tasty.

Braised Dumplings
Braised Dumplings

It was my one errand for the day except to purchase a new keyboard for my netbook which, regrettably, I spilled a glass of wine on a few days ago.… Read the rest “She Forgot”

Svensk Musik

Ever since I bought my internet radio, I’ve been listening to a lot of P3 Svea, a station which plays only new Swedish music. It’s all pop music, of course, but it covers a reasonably wide brief. Unlike Australian stations which tend to cover a fairly narrow brief – indie, pop etc – the brief includes pop, schlager, R&B, hip hop etc. If it’s Swedish contemporary music, you’ll hear it on P3 Svea, it seems. It’s helping me discover artists I wouldn’t otherwise have known about by following the Swedish charts, including two new favourites from today.… Read the rest “Svensk Musik”