She Forgot

I waited calmly for about twenty minutes before asking where my meal was. I’m a patient man. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the couple sitting nearby who’d arrived ten minutes after I had, who’d ordered the same meal and seeing theirs arriving first.

“She forgot” was the explanation given. Luckily when they arrived they were very, very tasty.

Braised Dumplings
Braised Dumplings

It was my one errand for the day except to purchase a new keyboard for my netbook which, regrettably, I spilled a glass of wine on a few days ago. Regrettably, because I wasn’t even a slight bit drunk. I’d just poured the glass and thwack, there it was all over the keyboard. Even though I rescued it quickly, quite a few of the keys no longer function. Until I have the time to head out to Silverwater to buy a proper replacement, I bought a $20 mini keyboard in Chinatown which I hope will be enough to get me through this week’s trip to Melbourne.

Aside from that, it’s been a day of listening to music.

I’ve been listening to (and loving) the new CD by Oskar Linnros, a former “rapper” whose debut CD is more pop/soul in style.

My favourite so far has been the “single”, “Från Och Med Du”, but I also really like the track “Din Mamma” and there’s an absolutely gorgeous jazz-influenced instrumental called “Ulla Och Åke”

I began translating “Från Och Med Du” for Swedish class (which I’ll finish before bedtime), but then got distracted by the song, “Annie Hall” which I also thought might be suitable for Swedish class until I got to the opening lines…


which translates as…

if you were more to me
i would go down on you
if you were more like annie hall

Ooooh! Think I’ll stick to this one…

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  1. Just one minor correction on the song translation, first line means ‘if you were more LIKE me’.
    Listen also to oskars girlfriend Veronica Demaggio, same style and you can here that oskar was involved in of the songwriting. :-)

  2. O i forgot last line is also, well maybe better i write it all,
    ‘if you were more like me’
    ‘I would go down on you’
    ‘if you were more like her in Annie Hall’

  3. Enjoy Melbourne and I hope you get to put your language skills to good use. In news unrelated to your blog, I’m running on sleep deprivation already and it’s only a few days into the World Cup! It’s fun having an Italian friend who is mad passionate about soccer, they make watching the games so much more entertaining.

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