Paper Tiger

If you like the 1970s, music, art, politics and Sydney, you’ll like this exhibition currently at the National Art School. Made this video for my friend (Cathy/Kate), who has work in it, but couldn’t attend the opening, as she is currently working in remote WA.

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Barney Frank

“I was once described to have a very radical gay agenda. I’m in favour of getting married and allowing people to join and stay in the military. I don’t think that’s such a radical agenda. In fact, I think that’s a rather bourgeois agenda”, said US Congressman, Barney Frank as he spoke tonight at Sydney’s Masonic […]

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From Temora to Tampa

Although I don’t remember exactly when it was, I do remember quite vividly seeing the pianist, Roger Woodward play at the Temora Town Hall, many years ago. Temora is a small town north-west of Wagga Wagga. Vividly, I recall my friend Richard and I getting in the car on a Saturday night in the early […]

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